Healthier World
with Robotics Technology


As a rehabilitation robot start-up,
we aim to offer universal chance of rehabilitation to anyone
and contribute to healthy life of mankind through the robotics technology.

Rehabilitation Robot

  • Rehabilitation technology based on identifying user intent algorithm
  • Integrated modularization of drive part and electronic part based on series elastic actuator

User Applications

  • Provide training performance analysis and guide
  • Motivation using SNS
  • Connect with external services
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Web Experts

  • Remote management and diagnosis of medical institutions
  • Telemedicine data-based services through patient-to-medical connections
  • (Research data analysis, linking with insurance companies etc.)
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  • Provide optimized rehabilitation scenario based on collected rehabilitation information
  • Visualize effectiveness based on precise data analysis
  • Maximize motivation
  • Select insurance effectively through collecting large amount of medical data

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